Chris (4thfromtheleft) wrote,

Road Trip: Part I

In the morning I depart NYC, the first stop on my massive road trip (future entries will explain all the stops - I don't have the energy right now), for Boston.

I did massive amounts of biking in the city, including laps around central park, riverside park, the west side bike path, east side bike path, brooklyn bridge, china town, 1st avenue, and 3rd avenue. Let me tell you, you haven't lived until you've biked with new york city cab drivers. Quite intense. I also managed to fall off my bike twice while stationary (still getting used to the clip petals), and both times someone asked my if I was ok - quite nice.

I also managed to visit MoMA (running a show of 500 Friedlander photos) and the Museum of the City of New York (running a show by Lyon about the destruction of lower Manhattan in the 1960s. Both were very interesting, but the Friedlander exhibit was just too massive to really appreciate.

I saw some friends who've moved to the city; time and meals spent with them were great.

When I get back to PGH, I'll post select photos of the city, I think I got some good - albeit odd - shots.

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